Work with Scrappers to Keep Them Out of Your Dumpster

One of the frustrations in doing a large construction or demolition project is dealing with scrappers. Scrappers are often industrious and sometimes unscrupulous individuals  who seek to make a profit by selling items from your work space.


At their best, scrappers can take away your unwanted metal and free up space in your dumpster. This can save you time and energy and actually be a benefit to your process.


At their worst, scrappers are thieves who take away not just unwanted metal but also copper and valuable metals. They can destroy your work site, cost you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of lost labor.


The second kind of scrapper, the thieves, should be dealt with by law enforcement.  However, the first kind of scrapper can become a valuable partner in your project.


Here are some suggestions for making this partnership work.


Survey the neighbors


When you talk to the neighbors around a project you may find that some of them already know something about The Scrappers in your neighborhood. They might not know their names and addresses but they can tell you what night of the week they come around and what they drive.


With this information you can make plans to have an encounter, talk about your upcoming project, and strategize a plan that helps both of you out.



Implement a plan

Armed with this information, you can place your valuable scrap metal on the side of your Big Daddy Dumpster  instead of inside of it. This saves the energy of lifting it up and throwing it inside. It also saves space.


If you can save one or two pickups and dropoffs  over the course of a project, you’re talking about real savings.


Savings and safety

But perhaps just as important as saving money is protecting people. The most industrious scrappers can also put themselves and you at risk. When they enter your dumpster, they also enter your liability.


Most dumpster diving injuries are minor: cuts, scrapes, and bruises that will heal naturally and  not result in any issues moving forward. However, on occasion a scrapper can sustain a serious injury. If your dumpster was unsecured, this could result in a lawsuit for what in legal terms is called an attractive nuisance. An argument can be made that you could rightly anticipate the existence of scrappers, and by failing to take steps to make the space safe, you share blame in the accident.


So, rather than put up a fence, or pay a guard, just make an agreement and save everyone time, money, and trouble.

Use These Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

One of the small but notable hazards of reclaiming a space is choosing the right chemicals to clean it. Some cleaning products are harsh or abrasive and can do damage to the surface you’re trying to clean.  Others simply don’t do the job well.


Still others are fine for cleaning purposes but when you  combine them with different cleaners or throw them out they can pose a hazard.


A decade ago environmentally friendly cleaning products were rare. And the ones you could find after scouring store shelves and reading labels often didn’t do the job well. Luckily that has changed.


Use these environmentally friendly cleaning products around your house and you can feel safe using them and throwing them in the town dump.


Cleaning glass surfaces

For cleaning glass, there are choices that are slightly acidic, or slightly base, or Ph neutral. The emphasis on “slight” helps you to be sure they won’t irritate your eyes or lungs as you use them.


Some popular brands of window cleaners include Biokleen, Bean and Lily, and Method. They all depend less on chemical compounds and more on natural, safe ingredients.


Of course, a simple mix of vinegar and water can work to get most windows clean.


Just remember that the trick in window cleaning is getting the liquid off the surface before it dries and leaves the sediment right back where it started.



Cleaning floors

According to Safe Household Cleaners, there are many great choices for safely cleaning your floors.  And, as with the windows, the champion main ingredient is vinegar.


Brands that won accolades from Safe Household Cleaners’ judges include Aunt Fannie’s Vinegar Floor Wash, Babyganics Fragrance-Free Floor Cleaner, and ECOs Floor Cleaner.



Cleaning kitchens and bathrooms

Of course, the clean-up gets tougher in these two rooms, where preparing bodies and preparing meals each make unique messes that require unique solutions.


Better Life Tile and Tub Cleaner seems like a scientific miracle product, as it can safely dissolve that ring around your tub. Its special blend of oil and water works to dissolve soap and skin and other residue. Bentley Organic Shower Cleaner or Biopuro Bathroom Cleaner will also do the rough work with aggravating your sinuses.




For every home task, your choices include a range of acidic to base, but each of these products will get the job done, and you can be confident that they will be safe for your family.




Dumpster Cost

As you prepare for your next big project, whether it is construction or demolition, you need to think about your budget.


There are many parts of the budget to consider:

  • Tools (things you can use over and over again)
  • Supplies (things you use once then throw away or recycle)
  • Wages (to pay those who are helping with the work)
  • Resources (those things you need to rent or borrow)


Among the resources, one important consideration is the price of the dumpster. Dumpster cost is a fixed cost that you should be able to sort out with a single call to Big Daddy Dumpster or another dumpster supplier.


To determine dumpster cost you only need to solve a couple of variables or answer a couple of questions.


How big a dumpster do you need?

The first variable that you need to consider is the size of your dumpster. How much waste will you be generating? And how often will you want the dumpster dumped and returned?


For some projects, a small dumpster will be adequate to take care of the whole thing. Other projects might require a large dumpster and multiple replacements.


Refer to this size chart and examine it against the materials you’ll be hauling away from your site. Also, remember that feeling a dumpster is not a precise science. There will always be empty spaces of air and never a perfectly tight fit of garbage in a dumpster.



How long do you need the dumpster?

Next, consider the length of your project.  will this be a 1 day tear down with a small army of people telling the dumpster? Or would this be a multi-week building project with occasional, unscheduled calls to empty the dumpster based on the needs of the crew in a given day or week?


Once you have figured out the size of your dumpster and the duration of your rental, call  Big Daddy dumpsters  to schedule your project. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help make the ordering and scheduling process easy, and we can help with planning too!


If you’ve never ordered a dumpster before, call us even before you start planning. We can help give you advice that will make the process easy and affordable, and make your project run more smoothly, on time, and perhaps even under budget!


Why Landlords Choose Big Daddy Dumpsters

When you bought that second property, your first thought was that you had accomplished a small slice of the American Dream. You had reached a milestone that is an important measure for many people about how strong their economic past has been, and hopes for a stronger and more prosperous economic future.

You might or might not have thought it at the time, but you were on your way to becoming a landlord. After all, the second location was not going to pay for itself, and that was never the plan.

You’ve learned a lot along the way, and you spend your spare time looking for ways to be more profitable and to make money as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Owning a property is tough

You understood that owning a property was going to be tough.  But maybe you did not understand how tough it was going to be.

Every demand made by a renter became a decision for you or, more likely, a task for you. It is not profitable to farm everything out to a for-hire handyman.

And it may have been impossible to anticipate the number of requests and demands made by your renters.  Drippy faucets, tall grass, squeaky doors, loud neighbors …  all of these things suddenly became your problem.

You want to make it easier

So obviously it is your plan to make each of these decisions a little bit easier. Over time you have built relationships with different providers, other owners, and even your renters to get certain tasks done.

You know that every time you build a trusted relationship or partnership, your job gets easier in the future. Better yet, you know that the quality of the work improves over time as you can better say what you want to have happen, and your partners know exactly what you expect.

Doing business with a dedicated partner makes it easy

When you build a relationship with a lawn service, a handyman, a dumpster company, painters or cleaners, your job gets easier.

Soon you have a stable group of people who can meet your expectations with very little oversight or direction. Tasks that used to take a lot of time can now be handled with a phone call or a text.

Developing a partnership with a company like Big Daddy Dumpsters means that you don’t have to work hard every time you need to handle a move-out or remodel. Just call, and we will set up a recurring order at the time and place that meets your needs.

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Are You a Property Manager? You Need a Dedicated Dumpster Company

Whether you are managing one property or dozens, the work can seem never-ending. Every day there is an endless stream of tasks and decisions coming your way.

Some are small and make almost no visible difference in the property or the profitability. Others are hidden but have a huge impact. And occasionally it is your job to make the final call on really big decisions that can shape the whole property or business for years to come.

Putting some of those daily decisions on auto-pilot by contracting with trusted vendors helps make the small decisions easy. This frees up time, energy and resources to dedicate to the big decisions that can shape your future.

Develop a partnership with a trusted dumpster company

Whether you need to contract with companies for cleaning, painting, waste removal, paving, or other tasks, it makes sense to find a dependable partner and stick with them. Once a team has proven themselves to be trustworthy, dependable, and pay attention to details, you will want to keep them in your phone for years to come.

This will save you time and energy over and over again.

One area where this is abundantly clear is in choosing a dedicated dumpster company. Chances are that your dumpster needs happen in a similar way every time. You want a certain size dumpster delivered to a specific location. It should be there a specified amount of time, and picked up the same number of days later.

Because these patterns are repeated, you can save yourself a lot of time by sticking with one specific company that knows you and knows your expectations.

The alternative is having to spend time on the phone explaining the whole thing in detail each time you need the work done. Then you have to manage the problems that come with not having it done right the first time. But instead of having to do that once, you have to do it every time you need a dumpster.

Doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results is how Einstein defined insanity.

Don’t do that to yourself.

Instead, for your recurring dumpster project, choose Big Daddy Dumpsters. Explain it to us once, and then … call us back when you need us. We can pull up your recurring order and save you time and energy. Our experienced and friendly staff will replicate that order and confirm specific details – saving you from having to explain the whole thing over and over.

Set it and forget it (mostly). And spend that time doing something else, like working on your golf game.

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Make Big Daddy Dumpsters a Big Part of Your Property Management Plan

As a property manager, your day is filled with managing tasks from minuscule to massive. One minute you are sweeping out a foyer where a client made a mess, the next you are negotiating a contract with a potential long-term client for a vacant office.

The constant demands are a test of your skills and strengths, but after a while, you would like to be able to put more and more of these decisions on auto-pilot so you can focus on solving the bigger problems.

Or so you can play golf. Or take that vacation you have been planning for months and months, but putting off because there is always one more thing.

You are working on developing a property management plan that means you do not have to be involved in making every possible decision. And you don’t have to do every possible task yourself.

You do have a property management plan, right?

You have a property management plan, right?

It makes sense when you’re starting out that every job involves making new decisions. Should I hire this one out? Can we handle this internally? Do I have to do it myself or is there someone else I can send this time?

Over time you develop relationships with trusted vendors and providers. They become your eyes and hands in many ways.  their phone numbers and emails are saved on all your devices. And you know which ones you can call in the middle of the night.

This is the beginning of a property management plan. You have a team working for you. They might be direct employees or they might be contractors who do all the work that needs to get done. And the plan involves knowing who to call for which situations.

Save time and energy with recurring orders

If you have events that happen repeatedly at the same time of the month or the year, you can put some of these decisions on autopilot.

For instance, landlords experience high turnover at the end of the month, with people moving in and out of their apartments. Their usual dumpsters can’t handle the load, so they need to rent a dumpster.

Having a partnership with Big Daddy Dumpsters for a recurring order at the end of each month can save you time and energy. Instead of starting from scratch, you can reference a previous order. We will drop off and pick up the dumpster in the same spot to make your work easier.

Contact us to learn how to make your job easier.


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What Kinds of Critters are Attracted to Your Dumpster?

So you have rented a dumpster, and you are worried about the possible pests that will be attracted. And, for a variety of reasons, different pests will come around. Here are the critters you will want to look out for, and how to keep them away.


These roving murderers are the most likely culprits to get in your dumpster. Sometimes they are chasing birds and other moving animals, which they often kill for sport instead of for food. Other times they are seeking a little something to eat.

Cats also are attracted to any place there might be new water, especially if it is dripping. Keep an eye out for the neighborhood cats around your dumpster.

Shooing cats away multiple times works, because most cats have places with dependable food and water, and will simply choose the path of least resistance.


Unlike house cats, and outdoor cats, raccoons make a living out of dumpster diving. These clever critters can climb, lift, develop plans, and even work together to get into and out of dumpsters and trash cans.

The stakes are life and death for these wild animals. This means that it will take more than mere shooing to keep them away. You will need to employ a variety of strategies to keep them away. Start by making it as hard as possible to climb in to the dumpster. Keep objects from leaning against or being piled near your dumpster.


Like raccoons, possums have learned to live off the fat of the land afforded them by living near people. And like raccoons, this has made them clever team players who can solve problems and work together to get their next meal.

However, they are skittish. Like house cats, scaring them off a couple of times will probably do the trick.


Bees are attracted to sweetness. They have learned that they can get this sweetness from aluminum cans that often contain soda. This means that they are attracted to shiny aluminum. Keeping sweets out of your dumpster, and burying (or recycling) the aluminum will help keep the bees away.

Flies and gnats

Flies and gnats are drawn to most foods, but contrary to popular thought, it is not the sweets that draw them. These flying nuisances are more drawn to meat and fat – places where they can get nourishment and where their eggs can turn into larvae. Maggots love fat, and the week between garbage gatherings actually provides them time to complete a life cycle and create a real flying mess.

Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

Rent a Dumpster for Your Massive 4th of July Party

You’ve rented the tents. You’ve ordered the ice cream. You’ve designated who will bring the ice, and who will bring firewood.

You have planned a birthday party for America that the country, and certainly your friends and family, will not soon forget.

You’re going to make a mess, and you don’t want to make dozens of extra trips hauling full garbage bags to the curb. Or worse, you don’t want all that mess sitting in your garage or back yard for days until garbage pickup day – a day that has been delayed because of the holiday.

You should rent a dumpster.

Why a dumpster is a better option

Sure, you could just buy a bunch of trash bags. After all, you will have help cleaning up. Aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors will all be willing to take a bag or two and walk around the area.

But then what?

Where will you put them? This is not ordinary trash.

After all, most of what made it a fabulous, unforgettable blowout party is also what will bring raccoons and cats, flies and bees, and all sorts of other critters to the pile of trash.

You will want to put those bags in a dumpster.

Designed to save you time and energy in just this sort of situation, a dumpster will also save you headaches and even greater mess.

If you tried to shove all those bags into your trash cans, you would run out of trash cans. Additionally, a lot of communities have limits on how much trash they will pick up at one location on trash day.

Worse yet, even if you could leave all those bags piled up on the curb, one night of neighborhood critters could create a massive mess as the critters attempt to open, eat, and drag those bags back home to their young ones. It could end up looking like a bomb went off, even after your efforts to clean everything up.

In this case, while renting a dumpster might incur a little extra expense, it more than makes up for it in making a more enjoyable party, and easier clean-up and a smaller trash hangover.

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Get a Bigger Dumpster Than You Think You Need, Here’s Why

Sure, a dumpster rental place is going to tell you to get a bigger dumpster than you think they need. Of course they are, right? It’s called an upsell, and every company does it.

Except there’s more to it than simply upselling.

Getting a bigger dumpster than you initially think you need is good planning advice for multiple reasons. The bottom line is, in most cases it will ultimately save you time and money. Here’s a list of reasons, some related to each other, and overlapping, but each unique.

Your estimation skills are strong

Years of experience have taught you that you have a strong sense of spatial reasoning. You can see how things fit together. You have planned it all out and this will  fit perfectly in the dumpster you have picked out.

Here’s the problem. The act of tearing things out, breaking them down, and throwing them in the dumpster creates space. It creates jagged edges and ill-fitting corners that don’t settle.

That means your project has air pockets in it.

If you’ve planned for that, great. However, if you imagined a compact dumpster neatly packed tight with your rubbish, like a truck on moving day, that is not what you are getting.

Consider rounding up to the next biggest size to allow for the spaces you can’t fill.

You’re a good neighbor

Over the years, or even the past few weeks, you have developed a great relationship with at least a couple of your neighbors. You’re a good person, and you understand the value of getting along with the people who live closest to you, and can keep an eye on things when you’re not around.

So you might offer to let them throw a few things in your dumpster. Or they might assume, because you are so terrific and welcoming, that there is an open invitation to throw their own stuff in there.

That means you are going to have more in there than you ever planned. Maybe a lot more.

You want to do this once

You are a planner, and this event is planned. One trip in, one trip out. You know you have saved yourself a lot of time and energy.

But with space taken up by air, neighbors contributing, and the potential of someone adding another project around the house, you don’t want to do this again.

And you definitely don’t want to stack bags of debris in the garage to bring out on trash day.

Do it once. Account for these factors when choosing the size of your next dumpster rental.

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Tips to Keep Scrappers from Dumpster Diving

One common concern we hear from Big Daddy Dumpster clients involves the practice of dumpster diving. Specifically, our clients ask for tips to deal with scrappers who might seek to pull choice pieces of metal from their dumpster, typically during the night.

This can be a problem because dumpster diving presents a liability for the property owner If someone gets hurt and they were not actively prevented from entering the location.

Here are a few ways to prevent this practice and make sure that everyone stays safe and accident free during your next rental.

Fence it

Good fences make good neighbors, we have been told. This is true for dumpster divers as well. Erecting a barrier like a chain link fence can help draw a clear line around your dumpster. At least it might discourage them from exploring your dumpster, forcing them to move on to a less secure target.

Sign it

If you don’t have the budget to put up a chain link fence around your rented dumpster, there is a less expensive option. Signs can make clear something that should be obvious – climbing into a dumpster is dangerous and unlawful. It is trespassing. Make sure signs are clear and visible.

Hide it

Of course, no one wants to steal what they can’t see. Another simple solution is to hide the items that might be attractive to dumpster divers. Make sure that at the end of the day your trash and unattractive waste is on top of the other items. This way potential thieves won’t know anything is there, or they might suspect it is there but not want to go through the hassle to check.

Save it

Some savvy contractors, especially ones with lots of space, can prevent the problem entirely. Simply save the attractive scrap until dumpster removal day. Then haul it all out that morning. Under your watchful eyes, the scrap will get to its intended destination.

Make peace not war

A final solution is to simply make peace with the scrappers. Instead of playing games and working harder to prevent scrap from getting to the scrapyard, and keeping money out of enterprising pockets, why not make peace? Simply set the scrap next to the dumpster in a place where it is not an attraction to children, but where scrappers can easily access it and haul it away. Less to lift. Less to haul away.

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