Does the Infrastructure Deal Mean You Need a Dumpster? Probably.

The last time an infrastructure deal was passed in Washington D.C., it was 2009, and America was pulling itself out of the second deepest economic recession in its history.

That boost in spending, later aided by massive expansion from the medical industry spurred on by the Affordable Care Act, created a lot of growth in the building sector. Entire companies were built and fortunes made simply completing contracts that came from those two bills.

But the last of those bills became law in 2010. Many years have passed since then. Congress has named a few post offices, sure, but spent the last few years closing them rather than opening them. Every Presidential candidate has promised an infrastructure bill since then. We know we need the growth that can be spurred on by the investment of federal dollars.

Is this the year?

President Biden sailed into office with the same promises as his predecessor: he would pass a massive infrastructure bill. The same party in Congress fully supported it, and the other needed to be persuaded. Could Joe Biden be the one to do it?

You need a dumpster

As promised, President Biden got 60 votes for his infrastructure bill.

So what is getting built? Here’s a quick break down of the construction projects that are included in the bill that has enough votes to pass the Senate and the House:

  • Roads and highways
  • Bridges and overpasses
  • Drinking water infrastructure
  • Waste water infrastructure
  • Broad band internet
  • Rail projects
  • Mass transit projects
  • Clean energy projects

This means that American companies might be working at full capacity for years to complete these projects. So yes, you will need a dumpster.

Whatever way your company builds, grows, designs, paints, or demolishes America’s infrastructure, you are about to get busy. So you need a dumpster company that can keep up with you.

Whether you need a quick turnaround for a speedy demolition, or a long drop-off for a laborious and painstaking removal project, Big Daddy Dumpsters has the right dumpster for you, and the right staff to help you get it where you need it, when you need it.

Call one of our friendly operators today to discuss your project needs.


Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding from Pexels

Cincinnati Commercial Dumpster Rental

If you are looking to rent a dumpster for a commercial project in Cincinnati or Southwest Ohio look no further than Big Daddy Dumpster.

Located in Carlisle, Ohio,  we have years of experience working on projects big and small in Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati.

Those years of experience mean and we understand how to support commercial building projects. This includes  scheduling the correct number and size of dumpsters, the timing of drop-off and pick-up of dumpsters, filling out the associated paperwork, behind-the-scenes billing to make it easy for workers on the ground and on the scene to get their project done.

Perhaps you have a site where one Central dumpster is all that’s needed. That might be a great place for our 20 cubic yard dumpster.

Is your work site spread out or in two or three separate locations?  You can rent multiple smaller dumpsters from Big Daddy Dumpster. This way you have what you need where you need it,  and no need to haul your construction, renovation, or demolition debris all over your work site.

Having the dumpster where you need it and when you need it can save you time and money on the project. Preventing hours of workers hauling debris back and forth can have a real positive outcome on the bottom line, because those are hours that can be spent moving the project forward and helping to meet your deadlines.

Cincinnati Commercial Dumpsters available

With a large demand for housing in a popular growing city like Cincinnati, projects will be coming your way for years to come.

Your need for dumpsters of various sizes, delivered on your schedule to your locations, will need to be met. You have deadlines to keep, budgets to meet, and a lot of debris to haul away.

Let Big Daddy Dumpsters help you as you strive to help your clients achieve the project of their dreams – on their timeline.

Our commercial dumpsters are available for your full project, or to supplement the dumpsters and companies you were using for this and previous contracts.

Don;t wait around for another company to bring you the dumpsters you need today. Instead, mix and match companies to make sure your schedule – and not the other companies’ schedules – determine your timeline.

Call Big Daddy Dumpsters today and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff help you with your project.

Photo by Olga Lioncat from Pexels

Budget Dumpster Rental Ohio

If you are looking for a budget dumpster rental in Ohio, look no further than Big Daddy Dumpster. Based in Carlisle, which is in southwest Ohio, Big Daddy Dumpsters has clients in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus Metro areas, and all the areas in between.

Big Daddy Dumpsters offers affordable dumpsters for your projects. Whether you were working at home or looking for a dumpster for your company, you are likely to find what you need at Big Daddy Dumpsters.

And at an affordable price.

Just check out the features that helped make us one of southwest Ohio’s best budget dumpster rental companies:

  • Multiple sizes of dumpsters to fit your project need
  • We deliver on your schedule
  • We pick up on your schedule
  • Our friendly staff can help you plan for your dumpster needs

Check out our budget dumpster sizes

We offer three different sizes of dumpsters to match the size of your project. 10, 15, and 20 cubic yard. And if you are making a massive mess, like cleaning out a Hoarder’s home, we can even bring more than one dumpster, or dump and return with a refreshed dumpster.

Mix and match dumpster sizes so that you get exactly what you need, and don’t pay for a single cubic yard more than you need.

Check out our delivery schedules

Big Daddy Dumpsters can schedule budget dumpster delivery to your location during regular business hours. We can even – by arrangement – drop dumpsters at other times depending on the needs of your project.

Our drivers can place the dumpster where it is on private property and out of the right of way, so you don’t risk getting a ticket or a call from the homeowner’s association.

And we can schedule your prick-up with precision. Don;t let your dumpster hang around a day longer than it needs to because of scheduling problems. Get it full, then get it gone with Big Daddy Dumpsters.

Check out our friendly staff

Our friendly and expert staff have been helping remove southwest Ohio’s trash on a budget for years. We know the problems that dumpster renters can have, and we work to eliminate them. Talk to experienced folks who can answer your question.

Call us even if you aren’t sure if a budget dumpster is right for you and your project. You might miss out on a chance to make the project go more smoothly than you ever imagined. But a phone call can change that.

Photo by Leonid Danilov from Pexels

Why Trash Pandas Hate Big Daddy Dumpsters

Recently our office was been getting a lot of complaints that were hard for us to understand. Literally hard to understand. The messages were a series of squeaks and growls. They were sometimes very short, and other times they filled our entire answering machine queue.

After weeks of this, we knew we had to get to the bottom of the phenomenon, so we took a tape to a local animal expert at the Cincinnati Zoo.

As she reviewed the tape, she created a list of possible suspects, and had it narrowed down to three or four finalists. Finally she asked, “What does your company do again?”

When we explained that we provided the area’s strongest and most reliable dumpsters for residential or industrial purposes, she nodded knowingly.

“You have yourself some angry raccoons.”

Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash

Raccoons are trash pandas

Typically raccoons don’t care much about what you call them. Some people call them trash bandits because of the markings on their faces that make them look like they have tied a mask over their eyes.

Other people just call them vermin, because they can congregate around people and even thrive living off our waste products. These people assert that the movie “Over the Hedge” is a documentary, and that it accurately portrays the fact that it is nearly impossible to defeat a raccoon’s effort to get into your trash.

It was certainly a loving fan of raccoons that first called them “trash pandas.” For unlike other trash-eating animals like possums and rats, the markings and long fur on raccoons makes them appear cuddly and approachable, and in many ways like a small panda.

But why were the trash pandas pranking our office?


Of course, even though the specialist we contacted was able to identify the sounds as coming from raccoons, no one actually “speaks” raccoonese. Not even at the zoo.

We thought we would be left to speculate until recently Big Daddy Dumpsters actually hired a raccoon to appear in our ads. After a long day of shooting … err, he prefers if we say filming … our commercials, he opened up at the charcuterie table.

“Have you ever tried climbing into a Big Daddy Dumpster?” He didn’t wait for an answer before he continued. “Imagine if you were less than a foot tall. It’s impossible. You can’t eat like that. You can’t LIVE like that.”

So there you have it, raccoons hate Big Daddy Dumpsters because they are critter-proof.


How Big is a 15 Cubic Yard Dumpster

There’s a game people often play with each other when they are trying to guess what an object is. They ask a series of questions to get clues and they often start with size.

Is it as big as a breadbox?

People generally know how big a common, everyday object like a loaf of bread is. They have good concepts for the size of a car, or a bar of soap.

But it is really hard to envision 15 cubic yards, the size of a medium residential or small industrial dumpster.

First, what is a cubic yard?

But before we envision 15 cubic yards, we must picture one. And to do that, we go back to high school math and the difference between a square yard and a cubic yard.

A yard is, of course, three feet long.

A square yard is a flat surface that is one yard long and one yard wide. It is simply a square.

But a cube is different, because it also has height. A cubic yard is one yard long, one yard wide, and one yard high.

So now comes the hard part, picturing 15 of these.

15 Cubic Yards is … ???

Unhelpfully, Google suggests that 15 cubic yards is 3029.61 gallons.

That is ALSO very hard to picture, but people can think about it in terms of swimming pools. We have seen those.

This would represent a shallow pool that you could walk around with 20-25 steps.

But maybe that doesn’t help so much, so picture instead a small car, like a Honda Civic or a Chevy Spark. You could park that small car in a 15 cubic yard garage, with a little bit of space on every side.

Sadly, you wouldn’t be able to get out of the car by opening the door. Sorry. Maybe crawl out the window?

Perhaps you are familiar with a pickup truck. Maybe you are around trucks a lot and you have a good concept of one truck load? Well 15 cubic yards is about 6 of those full truck loads.

If you are considering a dumpster rental, a quick way to determine the right size for your project is to talk to a professional at Big Daddy Dumpsters. Their experience and know-how will help guide you to the right size dumpster for your project.

Affordable Dumpster Rental

When you are planning your next major project, you begin with a budget in mind. You want to make sure that you can afford the entire project within that budget. Most importantly, you want to leave money to spend on big splash items – the ones that will make your life better every day.

You do not want to waste all of your money on construction cleanup costs.

That is why you will want to spend some time finding an affordable dumpster rental site. One like Big Daddy Dumpsters.

Every size affordable dumpster rental

Sure, you might look twice at the name. You might say to yourself, “I don’t need a ‘big daddy’ dumpster. I just need a regular sized dumpster.”

Good news! When you examine our selection of dumpster sizes, all affordably priced for your next project, you will find three different sizes.

You can review the sizes here.

Whether you decide to go with the 10-yard, 15-yard, or 20-yard options, you will find an affordable and easy-to-manage partner for your construction project.

Big Daddy Dumpsters offers delivery and pickup all under the same affordable rate. We even offer a three-day package for the long weekend project you might have planned.

This three-day package allows you to get the most project for the lowest cost, and all without violating the HOA or annoying your neighbors.

What if I need a big but affordable dumpster


Big Daddy Dumpsters has you covered for even the largest project.

Our 20-yard dumpsters are capable worksite dumpsters, holding an amount that our customers have called a “butt load”, a “crap ton”, or just a “whole heckuva lot” of debris from your tear-out or tear-down project.

Better yet, you can arrange to have multiple dumpsters at your large worksite. Or, if the site is small but the work is large, you can plan multiple drop-offs and pick-ups.

Whatever your need, Big Daddy Dumpsters has an affordable trash removal solution.

When you think about low-cost, affordable, cost-effective solutions for your next project, think Big Daddy Dumpsters.

Give us a call today to discuss your next project.

Don’t have a date in mind, but just want to find out more? Great! Call one of our experienced technicians and we can help you decide what size is right for your project based on a description you give us over the phone.

Residential Family Dumpsters

Are you a landlord looking for dumpster solutions for your tenants? Or perhaps you are working on a rehab or remodel project where you need to supplement your typical trash with a rental dumpster during your project?

Take that worry off your shoulders with a rental from Big Daddy Dumpsters.

We can deliver a dumpster to your site, and leave it as long as you need it in order to meet the needs of your residents and your workers.

Residential family dumpsters in a variety of sizes

Being a landlord means that the start and end of each month are a real stress on your trash service. As people move in and out, they generate an enormous amount of trash.

Sure there is the trash from everyday life – food waste, fast food containers, shopping packaging and more, but then there is trash from the move itself.

This can include almost anything: cleaning materials and packaging, discarded furniture, packaging from new furniture and electronics, old rugs, clothing, broken toys … anything a person might accumulate over the course of a lifetime they are likely to discard in the course of a move.

And you are tired of seeing trash piled up beside your dumpster, with your trash removal service refusing to increase their visits, or charging high rates.

Getting the right size residential family dumpster can help your property look clean and cared for even in those challenging end of the month moving periods.

But only you know how much dumpster space your renters will need.

Look at your books and make the call

While it is impossible to guess how much trash one particular move will generate – people are very different after all – you can use your expertise to anticipate how big of a dumpster you will need.

How many residents will be moving this month? This is something you might be able to anticipate.

Photo by Trinidad Moreno from Pexels

What does an “average” move look like, in terms of the demands on your dumpster? This is something you should know from even a little experience.

And also, round up. A partially full dumpster is still neater looking and more appealing than any amount of trash sitting on the ground next to a full dumpster. You should always round up when anticipating how much dumpster space you will need from your residential family dumpster.

How Raccoons Have Adapted to the Suburbs And Cities

In the animated movie “Over the Hedge” the animals of the forest do not understand why their food source has dried up, until it is explained to them by RJ, the wily raccoon.

“Half of the forest is gone,” he explains. But there is food and possibility within the suburb that has been built on the other side of the hedge.

American audiences had no trouble seeing the raccoon as a wily, resistance-leading mastermind, able to earn a living out of our trash cans. This is because we see raccoons doing seemingly impossible things every day in our back alleys, side yards, sewers, and trash cans in order to make their living in our neighborhoods.

Trash pandas unite!

Raccoons have proven to be very resilient as American suburbs have spread. With their amazing ability to climb trees, trash cans, and even houses, they can run and hide in places where many people might not even think to look.

Further, with their problem-solving abilities, raccoons have figured out that the average American household sets out dinner in one form or another every night. There really is not a food shortage if you can open the lid to every trash can in town!


How do they do it?

Raccoons have an impressive intellect. Like many animals, they can remember productive food sources for a long time, with even second generations returning to productive dumpsters.

Further, they are nimble and mobile. This means that they can cover a wide range of ground in just a few hours every night. In their territory, they can run a first scan just by sniffing around dozens or hundreds of trash cans. Then they can use their climbing ability and their amazingly nimble fingers to open the lids on most trash cans.

Finally, they are great problem solvers. If they didn’t get the can open from the top, maybe they should just knock it over and watch the lid roll off? Or should they stand on the recycling bin while they pry your bungee cord off the lid of your trash can, then reach down inside?

They even use shelves in the storm drain as permanent homes, safer than the average tree in the woods, as it is protected from all but the most severe weather. Every way they scrounge food and survive in the cities, the raccoons that emerge from the storm drains in your neighborhood demonstrate that they have adapted to our environment.

Dumpster Rental in Springboro

Everywhere that big work is happening, dumpster rentals are needed.

That includes the city of Springboro.

Fortunately Springboro residents have lots of choices for where to go to rent the dumpster they need to take on the work that needs to get done.

Even more fortunately, they have close, local access to Big Daddy Dumpsters.

This southwest Ohio company has been renting dumpsters of multiple sizes to construction companies, homeowners, and industries for two decades, and is ready to meet the need of the residents of Springboro, Ohio.

What dumpster does your project need?

There are just a few questions you need to answer before renting your dumpster. You can answer them yourself, or call one of our helpful and experienced assistants to walk you through the questions.

You want to make sure you get the right dumpster for your needs.

Do you have more trash and debris than you can put at the curbside?

Do you want all of the trash and the project to be done on or by a certain date?

Do you want to avoid the expense and effort of driving it all to a dump site yourself?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is “yes,” and you live in the Springoro / Greater Dayton / Greater Cincinnati area, then Big Daddy Dumpsters has a solution for you.

Springboro trash panda loves Big Daddy Dumpsters.

What size dumpster do I need?

The most important consideration for your project has to do with the amount of debris you need safely hauled away.

Here’s a quick guide we offer to get you started thinking about your project:

​​20-Cubic-Yard Container – Roofing projects, medium sized remodels, spring cleaning.

15-Cubic-Yard Container – Moving and downsizing, spring cleaning, and small remodels.

10-Cubic-Yard Container – Concrete, asphalt, brick, tile, dirt, sand and small remodel projects.

Of course, all of these measurements are dependent on many variables. Some roofs are bigger than others, for instance, just as some “small” remodel projects are smaller than others.

Prepare for your call by having measurements ready based on the drawings or county auditor’s report about your space. One company’s small project is another homeowner’s major remodel!

Springboro, let our professional drivers deliver the right-sized dumpster to your location, then let them take it away at the time and date we agreed upon.

A clean work site means happy neighbors!

Rent a Big Dumpster With Great Customer Service

Your next big project will require a dumpster, and you have already selected the right size for the work ahead.

But now you are worried about how to choose the right company. Perhaps it is your first time ordering a dumpster for an event or project like this and you have a lot of questions. Or maybe you’ve been doing this for years and you just want answers and prompt service, delivery, and pickup according to the schedule you provide.

The professional service staff at Big Daddy Dumpsters are here to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Hear what some of our clients have said:

“The BDD team was very friendly and incredibly helpful. The dumpster was delivered and picked up on time and a big help in getting my project completed. It was so worth the cost. I would use them again and have referred BDD to friends!” – Judy

“I have used this company multiple times for house/garage clean outs at multiple locations and every time the service is awesome. They always accommodate my requests to the best they can. Prices are great and their customer service is stellar. I highly recommend this company for any of your dumpster needs.” – Danny

“Excellent service all the way around…from Andrea helping me with ordering the dumpster, to the drivers placing it exactly where my husband wanted. I will recommend Big Daddy Dumpster to family and friends. I will use again should the need arise. Thank you.” – Kathy

Hire a dependable dumpster company

There is going to be enough stress with your project. You have equipment to buy or rent, people to manage, and schedules to coordinate … and then there is just the work that it will take.

Rather than worry about your dumpster company, why not make it easy and work with a company with a proven track record of making your dumpster rental easy?

With a professional, experienced staff supporting your project, you have one less thing to worry about as your project moves forward.

A friendly, helpful voice on the other end of the line will be a refreshing break. Let us work as your partner in your project, committed to getting the job done well, and with courtesy and a smile.

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