Controlling Odors in Your Dumpster

You imagine the complaints rolling in as Big Daddy Dumpsters delivers your dumpster to your construction or work site at the requested time.

“Your dumpster smells terrible!”

“Property values are plummeting and my house is on the market!”

“Eww, get that thing out of here!”

Don’t dumpsters smell? You wonder to yourself. Will my neighbors be annoyed?

Eliminate a smelly dumpster from your list of complaints today.

Here are some things you need to understand about dumpsters, and how to make sure that yours is a respected part of the construction project instead of a terrible distraction and annoyance to the crew and the neighborhood.

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

Watch what you put in it

You know the old adage, “You are what you eat?” Well, in some sense, the same is true for your dumpster.

Your construction dumpster should be used primarily for the specific purpose you had in mind. Most likely this is destruction, demolition, or cleanout. And most of the time, though your cleanout might involve some old moldy or soiled items, it should smell … well, not at all. It should be neutral, or a little dusty.

So the first rule of responsible dumpster management is to put in only those things that are supposed to be put in.

So if your project is typical, you will not have to worry at all about odors.

If you’re putting food or rotting material inside, read on.

Change what you put in your dumpster

A common cause for smelly dumpsters, just like trash cans, is food that has not been properly secured. Sometimes on a work site, a crew can get in the habit of throwing food waste into a dumpster. Discourage this practice.

Instead, offer your team a place to put food waste in a separate bag. Then, properly seal the bag. This can then be added to the dumpster.

Food should not be laying out in the sun and exposed to flies or other pests, because it is an invitation they will not refuse!

Cover the smell of what you put in your dumpster

If it’s too late, and your dumpster reeks because the contents are rotting, it is time to do some olfactory emergency triage.

Add copious amounts of kitty litter or baking soda to the offensive area of your dumpster. Or, if you can’t tell where exactly it is coming from, you can spray the dumpster with a water-based disinfectant. Be careful to use the right amount – enough to reach hard-to-get smells, but not so much that you are leaking irritants and chemicals into the ground and storm drains.

It’s Time to Clean: Is Your Family Member a Hoarder?

It is likely by now that you have seen the popular show “Hoarders” on the A&E network. Nominated for an Emmy, and winner of a Critics Choice award, each episode focuses on one house where items have been piled dangerously high.


Or, more accurately, each episode focuses on one person. A person whose emotional baggage has prompted them to acquire a great deal of physical baggage.


Not surprisingly, the name “hoarder” has been used more broadly to describe people caretaking over all sorts of messes we might find in back rooms of old buildings, or in our aunt and uncle’s garage. We almost always mean it as a gentle joke.


But how can we tell when someone has crossed over the line from collector to hoarder?


Collector? Or hoarder?


The Hoarders website reminds us that “hoarding is a serious pathological condition.” That is, there is more to the hoarding than merely collecting a lot of stuff. But that is the primary symptom and it is visible to those who are closest to the person.


Here are some signs that point in the direction of hoarding. Remember, though, that observing the characteristics is very different from a diagnosis. Psychology Today reports that hoarding is often “affected by co-morbid factors such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and depression.” It is also likely that these issues were made worse by the isolation that came with the COVID quarantine.


You simply can’t diagnose a psychological disorder with a simple visual scan.



Signs to worry about

So what are the signs that, when you see them, should cause you to worry?


Collections gone wild

One sign of hoarding is when a person claims they are collecting something, but the collection is unrecognizable. The collected items are not visible beneath the piles of other items, and can’t be found easily or at all.


Safety concerns

In a house where hoarding is happening, there are obvious safety concerns. Piled items are at risk of falling on occupants, and key rooms like the kitchen or bathroom are unusable.


Health concerns

Is a serious hoard, there are concerns about pests or mold that is untreatable or unreachable. The risk is not imminent (like with something falling) but is nonetheless serious because mold and pests carry or can cause illness that will harm the occupant.


If you see two or more of these signs, you should seek help to approach your friend or relative.

Perfect Your Summer Cleanout With a Big Daddy Dumpster

Whether it is a basement, a garage, the storage room at church, or an entire apartment, your summer cleanout will be epic.


Pizzas, pop, chips, and a gross of trash bags means you;re off to a good start.


You;ve invited your friends, family, or members of the church and marked your calendars weeks in advance.


Don’t forget the best part: renting a Big Daddy Dumpster for the cleanup.


Renting a dumpster was never easier

For folks in southwestern Ohio looking to haul away a load of trash efficiently and cheaply, Big Daddy Dumpster is the solution.


Delivered to your location, and hauled away at the agreed-upon time, there is simply no easier way to handle a big mess.


Don’t waste your time hauling bags of trash to the curb, then asking your guests to try and pile them higher and higher. You can’t balance them perfectly to keep them out of the street or the sidewalk right of way.


You need a dumpster that is one phone call away.


A Big Daddy Dumpster.



Dumpsters hold what Rumpke won’t take


Sure, the best thing about renting a Big Daddy Dumpster is the low price. And the convenience is great.


But getting to stack a wide range of trash inside, including damaged furniture and other items that curbside pickup won’t take in most communities, means all your trash can essentially go in one place.


Of course, there are always restrictions on items that might be considered hazardous waste, but the restrictions are few, and the possibilities are many.


Clothing, broken items including most electronics, non-recyclable metals, many engine parts, boards rotted from weather and water or simply age … all of these can go inside your rented dumpster.


And then they will be hauled away by our experts, and voila! Your cleanup is done.


So let your imagination run wild this summer. What can you clean? What’s the big task at work or at church or in your community that always seemed too much to tackle?


Who owns that lot you;ve been hoping would get cleaned up down the street? With a little cooperation, you could create a win-win event that brings the neighborhood together and leaves the place cleaner and more welcoming than ever.


What are you waiting for? Call Big Daddy Dumpsters today.

Control Odors Don’t Just Cover Them Up

Sure, we all know that dogs have an amazing sense of smell. However, humans’ sense of smell is pretty remarkable. It helps us tell whether food is edible or not, whether we need to take a bath, and even if something nearby is on fire.


In short, it is a powerful sense that is tied to our most basic reactions and our amygdala. That is, some of our reactions to bad smells are instinctual, not learned.


So when our noses detect a foul odor nearby, we must investigate and eliminate it. If we don’t do that, we will find ourselves continually unable to concentrate and enjor or engage with other thighs we are trying to do.


Attack the chemical root of odor

The smells that cause us the most distraction are often biological, specifically bacterial. When we note these smells, we (rightfully) equate them with rot and illness, and our body reacts appropriately. And although we can eventually learn to live with even the most horrific smells, the biological basis for these reactions comes from centuries of avoiding deadly rotted food and illness-carrying water.


Luckily, the smells associated with rot can be treated in multiple ways.


For many smells, a mix of white vinegar and baking soda can help neutralize or eliminate the odor. This foaming mixture can be sprayed or splashed on an offensive outdoor stain, such as the spot where you have removed a dead carcass. Vinegar or baking soda can be used independently too, though the foaming mixture is more fun!


Sometimes the smell is something wet that can’t be drained and cleaned away. In that case, some sort of absorbent substance like kitty litter can be applied.


If you are certain that the smell comes from animal waste, an enzyme-based cleaner can be used to actively neutralize or eliminate the offensive smell.


Seal the smell away


Of course, a simpler way to eliminate odor is to trap it. Instead of treating every noxious surface with a chemical, throwing the whole thing in a sealed trash bag is simpler.


Simply take big scoops of the offending substance and dump it in the trash bag until it reaches its capacity.


Seal the bag correctly to finish the job. Instead of tying two sides together as some people do, tying one overhand knot in the neck of the trash bag prevents smelly air from escaping.


Then toss the sealed bag in your Big Daddy Dumpster to keep the neighbors happy throughout your project!

This Spring, Host a Neighborhood Clean-up

The snow has melted, the leaves are budding, and everyone in the neighborhood has fired up their lawnmowers and leaf blowers for another season of outdoor activity. You even see some new hardware on the block – Stan seems to have gotten a new push mower, and Michael’s apparently switched over to all electric tools.

Further up the street, Mrs. Cooper has plans to take out her trellis.

As you look at the clutter in your own garage, you realize that you might need a dumpster in order to get rid of all the crap you’ve accumulated over the years. The door you took out in the remodel? There’s no place for it in the house now, it is an orphan. That last 8 feet of quarter round? It’s now warped from being under the chicken wire. And the chicken wire? Bent and a little rusted from years of anticipation but no real duties.

Then a brilliant idea forms.

You could host a Neighborhood clean-up day

You’ve noticed that other people are in the same situation you are in. Their basements and garages are cluttered. (Well, not Trevor. Trevor’s is spotless, like everything else. But that’s how he deals with his own issues.) And they have projects they would like to do, but they just need a friendly shove in the right direction.

What if you announced a date, and got a few neighbors to go in on a dumpster for the neighborhood?

Suddenly you and your neighbors are sharing the cost of waste disposal, and providing a big push towards getting your neighborhood spruced up all at the same time.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose a date a month from now and circulate it through word of mouth or with a door flier
  • Ask people to let you know the things they hope to be able to throw away
  • Work with local re-use agencies like St. Vincent DePaul to set up a way to donate items that can still be used
  • Work with a Big Daddy Dumpster representative to determine the right size dumpster for whatever remains
  • Ask people to provide a contribution toward the dumpster.

When dividing the cost, don’t worry about precision and fair cost – you’ll never get the math to work out perfectly, and why would you want to? Instead, just ask people for what they think is fair. What you will find in the end is that you likely recover the full cost, and you have enough to buy food for a Saturday Evening cookout.

How to Convince Your Boss to Rent a Dumpster

Wherever you work, it’s likely that you have one or more unsightly back rooms, filled with disused and broken furniture, discarded ends of carpets, and unfinished items that no longer have a home.

Or maybe it’s a couple of spots in the back parking lot that seem to accumulate junk from various projects, product launches, or other events. Junk that doesn’t seem to go away on its own. And, did someone from the neighborhood just add a lawnmower?

Perhaps your boss just needs a friendly nudge.

Let him know about Big Daddy Dumpster, and how good it feels to clean a space once and for all and return it to active use.

Tell your boss about Big Daddy Dumpster

We know how it is. Your boss doesn’t accept suggestions. He has to come up with the ideas himself. It’s okay, you know your valuable role, and you know that deep down inside he knows your value as well.

So how can we “help” him “come up with the idea himself”?

Here are some ideas:

  • Print out a Big Daddy Dumpster flier and add it to her mail. Helpfully write the description of the offending space in red sharpie. Like, “Perfect for the second floor closet!!!” Hopefully she will quickly adopt the idea and make it her own.
  • Drop it into conversation. “What was that you were saying about Big Daddy Dumpster last week, and that mess in the parking lot?” If he claims the idea, GREAT! You’ve already won. But if he denies it, you can add this, “Huh, it was such a smart idea. I swear that was you.” But don’t linger too long, or your pitch will seem too obvious. Instead, casually move on to the next topic, cicadas!
  • Add “Call Big Daddy Dumpster” to the calendar. When she asks, tell your boss, “I wonder how that got there. It doesn’t look like my handwriting. Do you think it was something to do with the meeting room and all those broken chairs?”

Look, running the company is hard. Letting your boss think she’s doing all the work is even harder.

Take these proactive steps today to help move certain projects forward, and clean up the spaces that make your life less pleasant.

Your boss will be proud of himself, and you will have new space in which to expand your empire.

Cincinnati Dumpster Rental Big Daddy Dumpsters

If you are looking to rent a dumpster for your construction project, building project, or renovation in Cincinnati, look no further than Big Daddy Dumpster.

Big Daddy Dumpster offers Cincinnatians a wide range of options for their refuse removal.

We deliver various dumpsters to the location of your project in Cincinnati, Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, or the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton metro area. Big Daddy Dumpsters positions the dumpster right where you need it, so your project goes smoothly and traffic flows as planned throughout the scope of the work.

Then, at the time you have predetermined, or when you call to arrange an earlier pickup because the project is moving ahead of schedule, Big Daddy Dumpster comes to either take away the dumpster, or to replace it with a new dumpster for the next phase of your work.

It is always as easy as calling your Big Daddy Dumpster Cincinnati agent, who is eager to help your project get done according to your high standards.

No job too big for Big Daddy Dumpster in Cincinnati

Whether you need residential dumpsters, commercial dumpsters, or construction dumpsters, Big Daddy Dumpster has what you need for your project.

Our residential dumpsters start at ten yards – perfect for cleaning out a small home or demolishing a garage. Your Cincinnati project can easily fit inside an affordable Big Daddy Dumpster. And it is as simple as a phone call to schedule a dumpster for as few as three days so the neighborhood doesn’t complain!

Big Daddy Dumpsters offer commercial and construction-sized options as well. Need to demolish an entire building to make way for your next Cincinnati project? Let us schedule the waste removal you need. Our drivers and schedulers can create a detailed schedule for periodic or even continuous hauling from your site. This is perfect for those heavy days when you have the big trucks on site and it is important for you to clear out a lot of debris quickly to help the whole project run efficiently.

Big Daddy Dumpster also offers Cincinnati businesses options for regular trash removal. Our competitive prices are worth checking out when you are budgeting for the upcoming year. Money saved is money earned.

Whatever your Cincinnati project is, Big Daddy Dumpsters delivers the right solution to the right spot, and at a cost that will fit your budget.

Rent a Dumpster Near Me

A common search phrase on Google is “rent a dumpster near me.” While this feels like it might be especially true this time of year, the search is relatively steady. It seems that people are always moving, renovating, cleaning out, or building.


We seem to always be generating the kind and amount of garbage that exceeds the capacity of our streetside containers.


So what is involved in renting a dumpster?


How much will you be throwing away?

Obviously, your first concern is the amount of garbage that you will be throwing away. With almost every home project it is self-evident that an extra trash can is not going to be enough to contain your waste.


By the time you’ve stripped wallpaper, taken out old drywall, thrown away old and now replaced plumbing or wiring, set a room up to be painted, and replaced furniture, you know your needs are great.


Most home renovations like this only require the smallest available dumpster.


But what if you’re redoing a whole floor, or a whole house? Or what if you’re doing new construction? Then you will need a larger dumpster, or a regular schedule for switching out dumpsters to keep your project moving.


What is “near me”?

The other important part of the calculation of renting a dumpster, and of this specific Google search, is the words “near me.”


Because we are used to running our own errands and tracking down our own supplies, many people who use Google to search for items, naturally add the words “near me” to every search as a habit. We might look for a “Home Depot near me” or to “buy a spud bar near me”  or “find a paint store near me.”


However, renting a dumpster is very different. You don’t have to go get it. You don’t have to empty it. You don’t have to take it back when you’re done.


The words “near me” in this search are helpful because they give you a range of local options, but they shouldn’t really affect your search too much. This is because the dumpster company you choose, like Big Daddy Dumpsters, will bring the dumpster to you.


And the transportation to and from your location will be covered in the standard cost, and will emptying it in the right landfill.


Sure, some dumpster companies will limit their work within a certain distance, but it is far further than you would think to drive for a good price on linoleum or a particular stone for your next project.


So the next time you ask Google “rent a dumpster near me,” remember that the terms are relative.

Spring Is Here! Organize a Life-Changing Garage Clean-out Day for Your Neighborhood

We have all been there. We have accumulated junk in our garage and basement for a couple of years, and we find ourselves at the awkward spot between too much to throw in the trash, but not enough to justify renting a dumpster.


Last year the solution was easy: you closed the door on the garage and ignored it for another year. Good for you – you found some time! But you did not solve the problem.


Well this year what if you try a different strategy?


This year, go together with your neighbors to organize a neighborhood clean-out day, and utilize the Big Daddy Dumpster three-day rental option. This will create a targeted, specific window of time for getting the work done, making it easier and more fun.



Garage clean-out challenges

There are lots of challenges involved in cleaning out your garage.


First, some of the things in your garage don’t belong in a dumpster. For instance, you should not put flammable liquids or biohazards in the dumpster, and you likely have a few gallons or more of these items in the back corner, over there beneath the shovels.


Second, some of the things you need to throw away are too heavy or too bulky to include in your regular trash. You can’t put that old lawnmower frame in the trash can. You need a little more space.


Third, some of the things you need to lift or move are pretty heavy.  that old door you removed in the basement remodel? You can probably move it yourself, but do you want to risk your back again?


These and other similar problems are solved by having a neighborhood garage clean out day.



A neighborhood garage clean-out day solves these problems

First, the problem of hazardous items.


It feels a little wasteful to carry one or two gallons of expired paint thinner and paint to the appropriate county drop-off location. But if you join together with your neighbors, suddenly you find that you have a small truckload. Now one person, or maybe two of you, are taking the trip for the whole neighborhood. Now you are building friendships, helping others out, and really building the spirit of community.


Second, bulky items. When you go together with your neighbors to split the expense of a dumpster, you help everyone dispose of all their bulky items at once.


Third, heavy items. Good news, everyone is working outside this weekend. And you neighbors who just lifted one heavy thing and threw it in the dumpster will be glad to help you with throwing something else in. That’s just the energy of a good, productive day.


Transform your community this summer with a three-day rental from Big Daddy Dumpsters for a neighborhood garage clean-out day!


Construction Dumpster Rental

When you are about to break ground on a major construction project, with or without accompanying demolition, you have big problems to solve.


One of those problems is hauling away and disposing of debris, refuse, and all the other kinds of waste generated by the construction project.


In an ideal world, you would be able to make one call and get that problem solved for the duration of your project, even if it extends over weeks or months. The good news is, there is a solution like that.


One call to Big Daddy Dumpsters will allow you to handle your entire debris management problem at once.


Construction dumpster rental questions

As you are drawing out the specifications of your next construction job, you will have important questions about the size of waste containers available for your project, and the frequency with which they are hauled away and replaced.


We have answers for all your questions – too many to address in one short blog article.


Why not give us a call if you don’t find the answers here? One of our representatives will answer the most common questions. And if you have a stumper, we will get you in touch directly with one of our waste management technicians who can answer specific questions.


Perhaps you need to know how much leeway to allow for dumpster drop off and take-away. Or to get an estimate on the amount of refuse and debris the 20 cubic yard dumpster can hold? These are questions we can have answered by experienced professionals who have done this professionally for years.


Don’t leave your next major project up to chance. Work with a trusted southern Ohio dumpster rental company. Work with Big Daddy Dumpsters.

Construction dumpster rental solutions

You may be entering the construction with an idea of the amount of debris you’ll create each week, or you may not. You likely have a budget line for solving this problem throughout the construction time frame.


Working with a qualified and experienced local waste management company will allow you the convenience and flexibility you need to hit your deadlines and your budget.


First, you will need some flexibility in the number and size of the dumpsters available. Big Daddy Dumpsters offer three sizes of dumpsters to meet your situation perfectly. The 10 cubic yard, 15 cubic yard, and 20 cubic yard options give you the flexibility and capacity to address the biggest construction needs, while right-sizing to address slow weeks and the needs of your construction site footprint.

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