5 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

If your kitchen looks a little dull, it’s time to refresh it. From small changes to big overhauls, it’s easy to give your kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank! In this article, we will explore five ways to instantly refresh the heart of your home: your kitchen. From new hardware to a fresh coat of paint, you’ll soon have a kitchen that feels completely renovated, but at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. Keep reading to find out all the best ways to refresh your kitchen.

Add Storage Space

The first way to make your kitchen feel almost like new is to add storage space. Consider investing in organized shelving systems or hanging solutions such as hooks for pots and pans and racks for utensils. Are you using available storage space close to the ceiling?

Anything you can do to get items off of your countertop makes cooking easier. And everyone loves a kitchen with countertops that are clutter-free.

Get the right kitchen tools

A second way to make the most of your kitchen doesn’t involve a physical renovation at all. Investing in quality kitchen tools can make your kitchen feel new by making it more productive. If you select durable tools and kitchenware that can stand up to frequent use, and that make hard tasks feel easy, you have made an investment in how you feel about your kitchen and cooking. This is priceless. It’s worth the extra money to buy quality items that will last.

Try a new coat of paint

A new coat of paint can make your kitchen look energized and refreshed. The colors can draw attention to certain architectural features like trim and doors, and they can hide the. The clean lines of a wall painted with a fresh coat of paint can give the room a brand-new look. Depending on the color chosen, paint can transform a room from looking outdated and worn to modern and stylish. The entire design of the space can seem more open and bright with a new coat of paint.

Subdivide your shelves

Do you have stuff stacked on top of stuff in your pantry? Are your shelves layered like an archeological dig? Invest in smaller shelves or separate matching containers to hold all the random stuff that accumulates on your shelves over time. Not only will your kitchen look cleaner. but it will be easier and more fun to use, making the whole kitchen experience more enjoyable.

Sort and toss

And maybe consider that you just have too much stuff. Throw some of it away. Do you have items that do the exact same thing as others? Keep the one of highest quality and liberate your kitchen by donating the other one or throwing it away. Not sure how old that ingredient is? Maybe that means you don’t use it often enough to justify keeping it on your shelf for future generations.

A couple of simple changes can help transform your kitchen without investing in a messy and inconvenient renovation.

New Wood Flooring is a Huge Return on Investment – Here’s How to Dispose of Your Old Floor

When sprucing up your home or flipping a house, redoing floors is an investment that pays for itself. As an example, new wood flooring offers as much as 118% return on investment.


And replacing a floor is both functional and beautiful.


But when replacing a floor, you can create a great deal of waste. Properly disposing of an old floor is an important part of the process. Here are suggestions for how to dispose of different types of floors as you replace them.

Wood flooring


Wood flooring is beautiful and durable, but requires maintenance. This means that some part of figuring out what to do next means assessing the viability of the existing wood floors. Are they in pretty good shape? Are they rotted through from years of neglect or exposure to water? Here are the possibilities.


Re-using your wood floors – If the floors are in relatively good shape, there is a better option that replacing them. Reconditioning and restoring old wooden floors not only adds to the charm and beauty of an older house, but it also saves the work that comes with removing an old floor and putting in a new one.


Re-cycling your old wood floor – if re-using doesn’t fit your needs or skill set, there might still be a little life left in the old wooden floor. Many communities have re-purposing sites that take your old items, sometimes even paying you for them. Then they resell it to an interested buyer.


Throwing it away – of course, the last option is the one that is always available. You can throw away your old wooden floor. In this case, you might need to rent a dumpster.


Vinyl or laminate flooring


In many cases, vinyl or laminate flooring is nearly impossible to reuse or recover. Trouble matching with new pieces, and permanent staining mean you have to start with the strongest response: throwing it away. If recovery isn’t possible, rent a dumpster to dispose of the old floor after checking with your local waste disposal company to make sure they take that particular style of waste.


And always check for asbestos. In many cases, older floors will have trapped asbestos beneath them, and the cost of removal with asbestos treatment is astronomical. Check before you make a costly mistake!


Photo created by author on Dall*E

How to Dispose of Old Insulation

One of the most cost effective improvements you can make to an old house during a renovation or flip is to replace or enhance the insulation. In some cases, this means the relatively simple task of adding blown insulation or another roll of sheet insulation to existing layers.


Other times it involves the challenging task of removing a lot of old insulation. And that means finding out how to correctly dispose of it in a safe and economical way.


Perhaps the most common form of insulation used in the United States is fiberglass. Whether blown into walls and cavities, or laid in sheets in walls and crawl spaces, fiberglass is a lightweight and efficient insulator.



For that reason, many new insulation jobs involve simply adding to the existing fiberglass and leaving the old stuff where it is.


If you must replace good fiberglass insulation, perhaps to achieve a certain LEED rating; you can examine donating existing insulation to a cooperative or recycling center in your area.


However, time, heat, dust and humidity – or water and mud – can take its toll on fiberglass and render it useless. When this happens you will need to dispose of it.


Fortunately most communities accept fiberglass insulation in their dumps. You should always do a reality check, and communicate with your dumpster supplier to confirm. But you can usually cheaply and safely simply carry the fiberglass insulation to your rented dumpster.

Mineral Wool

A less commonly used form of insulation is mineral wool. Often used to combine soundproofing with heat and cold insulation, this product can also be blown or come in sheets.


There are various types of mineral wool, made with different ingredients. There is no general advice about this. It is your responsibility to determine whether it complies with your community’s waste disposal requirements.


The experts who rent you your dumpster can help with this identification and in making sure you are following community guidelines.


A final commonly used form of insulation in old homes is vermiculite. This is a most problematic form of insulation because it often includes the hazardous material asbestos. In the case that your vermiculite has asbestos, you should proceed with caution. Your project might involve trapping the asbestos in place and working around it.


If you have expert help who confirms no asbestos content, again check your community’s waste disposal guidelines to determine whether you can safely rent a dumpster and fill it with your old insulation.

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Great Ideas for a Closet Renovation

In an era where good housing is hard to find, and not enough is being built, families are working to maximize the space they have. This means making the most of every bit of space under their roof.


After kitchens, basement, and other major room improvements, many homeowners find they need more storage space. One option is to rent a garage in a climate controlled facility where you store the stuff you don’t want to think about. The other is to renovate your storage space and get the most out of every inch.


Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your available space.

Hanging Shelves

Hanging cloth shelves is a great way to make the most of space dominated by a single hanger pole. Their smaller size allows each shelf to hold a little something – or slightly more than it seems like it should. Go vertical and economical to expand your storage space.

Add shelves up high

Too often, the space above your hangers goes to waste. This awkward space is too tall to hold a lot, and too “overhead” to hold anything big or heavy enough to take up that space. So why not break up that space with shelves? Small, light boxes can hold seasonal items or seldom-used accessories. Be sure to clearly label them to save time and energy. Best yet, they won’t throw your back out when you lift them down.


Don’t forget to add a small foldable footstool to make those items easier to reach!

Add a row of small specialized shelves

One problem with shelves and cubbies is that they are often exactly the wrong size. Too big for some items, too small for others. Giving yourself various options of shelf sizes means that not everything needs to be the same size – and that means less wasted space.

Hire a professional closet designer

Of course, if it fits within your means, you can hire a professional closet designer to remake your closet to get the most out of every inch. A professional designer will have access to all sorts of ideas you might not encounter on Pinterest, and have experience with solutions. Better yet, they will be able to let you know what will and won’t work before you make a mistake.


Photo by Max Vakhtbovych: https://www.pexels.com/photo/design-of-modern-white-wardrobe-with-shelves-6782348/

Why Contractors Build Ongoing Relationships with Big Daddy Dumpsters

If you are a contractor it makes your life easier to have a few trusted individuals you can lean on to get every job done. One of those companies that you need a lot is the one that takes Waste & debris away from your construction site.

Sure, you could enter each construction project with a blank slate and do price checks for all available companies. Or maybe even run a bidding process where they compete against each other for your services for every project.

And maybe you would save some pennies after doing a dollar’s worth of work and wasting precious time.

One number

But if you develop a relationship with one waste carrier, your life will be simpler.  suddenly instead of running a bidding process, you just have to dial one number. This is far simpler than crunching numbers on multiple bids.

Familiar people

Also if you work with one company,  you know the people who pick up the phone when you call. And they know you.

Instead of being stuck on the phone or in meetings trying to explain your expectations,  a familiar representative on the other end will already know what you demand. They know you and your preferences. They can catch unintentional mistakes,  and possibly save you money by already understanding how you work.

And if plans change? Having a developed relationship means that you can get over small bumps in order to deliver big results.

Emails with specials

Also if you develop a relationship with one dealer, you can subscribe to get their email updates and special deals. This way you can best understand what their competitive prices are and figure that into your future bids.

Best price available

These ongoing relationships between providers and contractors are mutually beneficial. If your provider comes to know you and can count on your business, they can offer you the best price available. More importantly they can offer it to you every time rather than feeling like they have to bid, or compete, or hide their profit margins.

It is easiest to do work with friends and familiar companies because you get reliable service at a cost that doesn’t break your bid.

This is why many contractors deal regularly with a company they know and trust, like Big Daddy Dumpsters.


Photo by Sora Shimazaki: https://www.pexels.com/photo/happy-multiethnic-coworkers-discussing-documents-on-city-street-5669661/

Which Home Renovations Have the Biggest Impact on Resale Price?

In an era of rising home prices and a national housing shortage, home owners are working hard than ever to maximize the value of their home;

This means making the most out of their home renovations.

Your next home renovation can not only improve your quality of life, but can increase the resale value of your home if or when you decide to sell.

Here are the renovations that yield the biggest results according to Money Magazine.

Most impactful renovations

According to a recent article in Money Magazine, these changes offer the largest return without addition extra space:

  1. Refinish hardwood floors: 147% return on investment
  2. New wood flooring: 118%
  3. Upgrade insulation: 100%
  4. Converting a basement to a living area: 86%
  5. Closet renovation: 83%
  6. Converting an attic to living area: 75%
  7. Complete kitchen renovation: 75%
  8. Bathroom renovation: 71%
  9. Kitchen upgrade: 67%

Two other high-value changes involve adding new space in your house:

  1. New bathroom addition: 63%
  2. New primary bedroom addition: 56%

Most of these renovations create a great deal of waste. Each of these conversions require tearing out existing building items and bringing in new materials.

This means removing a large amount of waste, and would be helped by renting a dumpster.

Renting a dumpster is cost effective

When you already know that your renovation will be a cost-effective addition to your home, it makes sense to make the work as easy as possible for yourself.

Sure, you could make bunches of small piles of waste. You could slowly fill large trash cans and bags and drag them individually to the curb over the course of weeks or months for your renovation. You could do what some people do, staging their waste in the work area or a garage to always put out the maximum allowed amount of curbside waste.

But, why?

Renting a dumpster can help make your renovations go faster. Better yet, if you already know the positive return on your investment, you can include the cost of the dumpster in your calculations.

The time and energy you save by renting a dumpster can make the project flow more smoothly and happen on time.

And the profit is already baked in to the project – why sweat more than you have to?


​​Photo by JESHOOTS.com: https://www.pexels.com/photo/floor-plan-on-table-834892/

November is National Home Care and Hospice Month

November is National Home Care and Hospice Month. According to national home care celebrants,

National Home Care and Hospice Month in November recognizes the dedicated professionals who make a daily difference in the lives of the people they serve.

These caregivers come in many roles, from therapists and aids, administrators and nurses, CNAs and social workers. Their compassion and attention to detail improve the lives of every resident under their care. Their patience and time provide improved quality of life and peace of mind for family members. The month celebrates these qualities and so much more.

When it comes time for home care and hospice, families often need to downsize. This can mean selling a loved one’s house, or moving them into an already crowded house.

Some families are able to turn to auction houses to dispose of excess furniture, or spreading heirlooms among family members.

But sometimes our loved ones did not care for their furniture or other belongings, and instead of moving, what is needed is a deep home cleaning. In this case, you will want to rent a dumpster.

Rent a dumpster to make moving easier

There are many reasons why you may need a dumpster instead of a moving van for your elderly family member’s possessions.

First, most furniture resellers and thrift shops will not accept upholstered goods or furniture that can’t easily be cleaned. This is often the case if it was owned by a smoker or someone with pets. It can also apply to items damaged by flood or smoke.

Second, resellers won’t take damaged goods. If your loved one had a beloved pet, it may mean that they let their cat or dog (or other animal) run the house. Furniture may be scratched or carry smells that are particular to dogs and cats.

Third, a reseller might not be close enough to make the trip worthwhile. For some families, multiple trips to a distant reseller, in a rented vehicle, is simply not in the schedule. Renting a dumpster can be an act of needed convenience for a family already burdened and grieving as they watch older loved ones enter a new and troubling phase of life.

Having a dumpster outside can simplify decision-making and save hours of effort. Simply fill the dumpster with any of the approved items that are a challenge, and moving your loved one can be one question you can get answered.


Photo by Karolina Grabowska: https://www.pexels.com/photo/carton-boxes-and-stacked-books-on-table-4498124/

Why Do We Celebrate Earth Day?

The modern movement to “save the planet” from increasing temperatures is not a new phenomenon. Groups have taken an interest in the appearance and the well-being of our natural environment for most of human history.

In the modern version of this concern for the source of all life, Earth Day each year involves millions of volunteers planting trees and cleaning streams and roadways throughout the United States.

The first Earth Day was in 1970, even before we had an Environmental Protection Agency. That year, one US Senator was insistent that we needed to take unified steps to improve our environment. Senator Gaylord Nelson invented this day and soon it became a national day of action.

And it also helped lead to the creation of the EPA as we know it today. Along the way it led to cleaner streams, fewer rivers on fire (we’re looking at you, Cleveland), and cleaner air for everyone.

What you can do this Earth Day

As of the time this article is being written, the next Earth Day is Saturday, April 22nd, 2023. That gives you plenty of time to join a group, look for events, or even to plan an event to beautify your own corner of the world. Here are some options:

Clean a creek in your community – working with the local parks board and some volunteers, you can clean a creek in your community. First, check with an expert about what is and isn’t trash, and then learn how you can remove items without causing too much damage to the area.

Do a trash clean-up near your home – again working with the local parks board or a company that owns a frequently-used parcel of land, you can clean the area to make it more presentable. This can involve trash and recycling, or even large items that have been dumped in the area .

Plant trees and native plants in an area – or take out invasive species. Again working with local parks and development board; work with a group of volunteers to help restore native plants to your area. Native plants are attractive and hardy, meaning they will live on long after your work is over.

If the area you are cleaning is large, or very dirty, consider renting a dumpster to contain all that you collected. Some agencies will even weigh the full container to let you know exactly how much trash you gathered in pounds – this can be used to encourage your volunteers for future years.

These Items (Probably) Don’t Belong In Your Dumpster

If you are renting a dumpster for your next big project or neighborhood clean-up, you will likely sign an agreement for what you can and can’t put inside. If you are like many people, you will not read that agreement very closely, or at all.

Sure, you will glance at the bottom line to verify that there are no unforeseen charges, or to complain about the taxes added. You’ll likely sign it.

But what did you agree to?

Well, among other things, you agreed that there are certain items that you will NOT put in your dumpster.

While this may vary based on the city, the specific waste site, and the options available to your rental company, we can anticipate some of the items that you should not put in your dumpster.

Our reference is the posted information at the Website of Rumpke Waste and Recycling, southwest Ohio’s largest waste removal company.

This specific list is the items you *can* throw out, but only if you have specific permission.

What you can throw out only with permission

These are the common items you can secure permission to throw away. Typical homeowners might encounter these on a regular basis while doing the work that requires renting a dumpster:

  • Rags, absorbent materials, sponges, and brushes impacted with pain / stain remover / cleaners, or other chemicals
  • Batteries or all types and kinds
  • Electronics including computers, monitors, and televisions
  • Obsolete / outdated chemicals / cleaners / products
  • Appliances with refrigerant removed

Here are less common, or industrial items that can be thrown away, again with permission. These are items more likely to be found in an industrial or commercial setting or project:

  • Manufacturing or manufacturing process waste including but not limited to sledge; sand; shot blast, dust filters, and various paint wastes
  • Materials used in cleaning up a spill, specifically of items on this list
  • Solidified liquids
  • Empty containers including drums, tanks, 5-gallon pails, aerosol cans
  • PCB waste lower than 50 ppm
  • Asbestos

Waste management companies have a responsibility to the community they serve and the people who live in the area. Be sure to read the rules to make sure your items get disposed of correctly when you are using your dumpster.

There’s Smoke Coming From My Dumpster, What Do I Do?

Your project has been running smoothly. The trash has been taken out, the remodel or tear-down has proceeded without injuries or delays. All in all, it’s been a great project.

But what’s that? Someone is shouting from the street. There is smoke coming from your dumpster.

What could it be? And more importantly, what should you do next?

Call 9-1-1

You are an independent person. You take pride in doing things on your own, and solving problems. Well, the next step might run contrary to your experience.

You should first call 9-1-1. Get professional help and overwhelming force on your side as quickly as possible.

When you call, be sure to let the call taker know that exactly is inside the dumpster. Is it wood lathing? Is it painted panelboard? Is it waste from waterproofing that includes flammable chemicals? And are you sure it is only what you put inside, or did an unwelcome visitor dump something more inside one night when no one was looking?

Also, be sure to let them know if a fire in the dumpster could potentially threaten a structure nearby. Is the dumpster against a garage? It is in an easement between two houses?

All of this uncertainty is a reason to call for professional help. You don’t know whether the smoke is a smoldering mattress or if it is about to turn into a large chemical fire with thick dark smoke visible a mile away threatening property and lives.

Secure the scene

Next, use your resources to make sure that no one or nothing gets too close to the smoking dumpster. This could be as easy as standing by to encourage dog-walkers to cross the street, or it could involve moving a car or truck a little further away.

Be safe though. Fire response times in many places are pretty quick, so there is no need to risk life and limb to make a site a little more safe.

Think about the possible and probable outcomes, and take a few simple, safe steps to make sure that your plume of smoke doesn’t become something bigger, more dangerous, or more expensive. Keep your project on schedule and your clients, staff, or family safe.

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