Control Odors Don’t Just Cover Them Up

Sure, we all know that dogs have an amazing sense of smell. However, humans’ sense of smell is pretty remarkable. It helps us tell whether food is edible or not, whether we need to take a bath, and even if something nearby is on fire.


In short, it is a powerful sense that is tied to our most basic reactions and our amygdala. That is, some of our reactions to bad smells are instinctual, not learned.


So when our noses detect a foul odor nearby, we must investigate and eliminate it. If we don’t do that, we will find ourselves continually unable to concentrate and enjor or engage with other thighs we are trying to do.


Attack the chemical root of odor

The smells that cause us the most distraction are often biological, specifically bacterial. When we note these smells, we (rightfully) equate them with rot and illness, and our body reacts appropriately. And although we can eventually learn to live with even the most horrific smells, the biological basis for these reactions comes from centuries of avoiding deadly rotted food and illness-carrying water.


Luckily, the smells associated with rot can be treated in multiple ways.


For many smells, a mix of white vinegar and baking soda can help neutralize or eliminate the odor. This foaming mixture can be sprayed or splashed on an offensive outdoor stain, such as the spot where you have removed a dead carcass. Vinegar or baking soda can be used independently too, though the foaming mixture is more fun!


Sometimes the smell is something wet that can’t be drained and cleaned away. In that case, some sort of absorbent substance like kitty litter can be applied.


If you are certain that the smell comes from animal waste, an enzyme-based cleaner can be used to actively neutralize or eliminate the offensive smell.


Seal the smell away


Of course, a simpler way to eliminate odor is to trap it. Instead of treating every noxious surface with a chemical, throwing the whole thing in a sealed trash bag is simpler.


Simply take big scoops of the offending substance and dump it in the trash bag until it reaches its capacity.


Seal the bag correctly to finish the job. Instead of tying two sides together as some people do, tying one overhand knot in the neck of the trash bag prevents smelly air from escaping.


Then toss the sealed bag in your Big Daddy Dumpster to keep the neighbors happy throughout your project!

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