How Do I Know It’s Time to Remodel My Kitchen?

When you were walking through your house, deciding whether to buy it, you made dozens of instant decisions and plans for what you’d like to do with the space.


But now a few years have passed, all the major changes in the house have been done. Time has begun to take its toll.


Maybe one day, the kitchen cabinetry simply looks old or scratched. The appliances were once a set, but due to fading or hard use they no longer look like each other. Or maybe the sink has just never worked in that spot.


How do you know when it is time to do a full kitchen remodel?


These questions will help you come to the right conclusion.


Kitchen Use


First you want to assess how you use your kitchen.


This might sound odd. You know how you use your kitchen!


However, this actually changes over time. Your kitchen use can be affected by the number of people who live in your house, the level of activity during the day, whether you work at home, whether you travel for work, if you have pets, and a variety of other factors.


A helpful way to start this conversation is by filling out this HGTV questionnaire about how you use your kitchen during an ordinary day:


Once you have considered those questions, take a look around.



Cabinets and Countertops


Do you have enough cabinetry and countertops? Are your cabinets and kitchen supplies near where you use them the most? Is there enough space to do the work you need to do?


If you answer all of these questions “yes,” this is good news. You might need to merely repaint or repair the cabinets instead of doing a full remodel.


If not, consider reviewing your floorplan and hiring an expert to assist your remodel. Replacing cabinets and countertops will be hard work. Getting the right mix of materials and the best use of space will require expert help.





Do your appliances meet your daily needs? Does your refrigerator use a coolant other than Freon?


If you answered these questions “yes,” this is a good sign. Being able to continue in your remodel without having to replace appliances will make the work easier and a lot less expensive.


If there are available amenities that you would like to add to your kitchen, like a door ice dispenser, or a super silent dishwasher, your upgrade becomes more challenging and expensive. You will need to decide whether to donate or dump your current appliances.


If they work but are dented, scratched, or faded, your appliance retailer will likely haul them out for you, for a small fee.


If you are replacing it because it does not work, then you might want to think about your dumpster needs for your remodel.



Plumbing and electrical fixtures


Is your kitchen sink beautiful and in good working order? Is it in the right place? How about the bank of outlets that power your mixer, toaster, and coffeemaker?


Getting involved in moving the plumbing or outlets can be the costliest and most complex part of a kitchen remodel. It is advised to not undertake these moves without very good reason.


You want to have the best design for the room where you make your meals and often spend a good part of your day. If these changes will make every day better, then it might well be your best investment.

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