Control Odors in Your Refrigerator

It happens to all of us. No matter how careful we think we are or we try to be. No matter how much or how little we have in our refrigerator. Whether it is a side-by-side, a walk-in, or a convenient dorm-size fridge tucked under a table, the day will come.

You open the door and … eww gross! It stinks!

Refrigerator odors can occur multiple ways. The best approach is to not let them get started. The next solution, once they have arrived, is to treat them quickly and correctly so they do not return.

How are common refrigerator smells created?

Most often the smell from your refrigerator is the smell of rotting food. No matter what it is that has lingered too long in your fridge, the smell generally tends to be the same. A putrid, almost warm smell that immediately stirs up the bile in your stomach and makes you want to recoil, cover your noise, or possibly even throw up.

It could be forgotten celery, or last week’s sandwich, or a pickle jar from … does that say 2003? Any of these items and more can be causing that odor. It could even be coming from a spill that you can’t see – one that has seeped behind a drawer or is … gross! – under something else!

The best first step is prevention.


Move items around. By regularly moving your items around in your refrigerator you can prevent this from happening most of the time. Having the same old thing in a new location might prompt you to use it in a new recipe – or at least to remember that you bought it at Thanksgiving seven years ago.

Set a calendar reminder. By setting a specific day each month that you clean out the fridge, you can make a scary task simple because you will be keeping on top of the problem rather than letting it get worse.


Of course, when the smell happens, you have to deal with it. The only solution at that point is to clean the affected area with a cloth and warm soapy water. Don’t worry about using too much water, your refrigerator is waterproof.  Make sure you get the entire spill up. Be sure to check underneath the affected shelf. Sometimes the water from a spoiled meal can leak around the edge and cling to the top of the shelf below without ever dropping.

Finally, open a box of baking soda and place it in the back of your fridge. This will help control regular odors. Then when your appointed cleaning day comes, switch it out with a new box.

What is causing that smell in my fridge?


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Disposing of Your Artificial Christmas Tree Responsibly

Your artificial Christmas tree may save you a trip out in the cold winter weather to cut down or purchase a living one, but after years of sweeping away the plastic needles you may be debating on if it’s time to let it go.

Before tossing it to the curb, consider two more eco-friendly avenues of disposing of your artificial Christmas tree:

Donate it!

Local charities may be open to accommodating your used Christmas tree. While finding ways to sustainably dispose of your tree are good options, donating it for reuse and repurposing is the most eco friendly! Charities such as Goodwill and Salvation Army are good options to start with, so long as your tree is in decent shape. You could also try online buyer-seller avenues such as Facebook marketplace.

Recycle/repurpose it!

While correctly recycling your artificial Christmas tree is a viable option, you should not throw it in with your regular weekly or bi-weekly recycling. This is due to a common component of artificial trees: PVC, a material that many recycling plants cannot properly process. If your city has the capability to process a wider variety of plastics, it is worth checking if they are also able to process your tree. Otherwise, err on the side of caution and call your local recycling center.

Your local recycling center may be able to accommodate a special pickup and disposal of your artificial tree for you. Call ahead to make sure this is an option, but it is likely that there is a source for properly recycling your artificial tree in your area. This will ensure proper handling and processing of the plastic. Before doing this, make sure that you have completely taken down all of your decorations, leaving a bare tree. Leaving non-recyclable items or that can’t be accommodated items on your tree can further disrupt the recycling process.

If neither of those options seem to be the right one for you, feel free to look for inspiration on other websites that give options for repurposing your tree and its parts. While the tree as a whole may not be fit for another year of Christmas/holiday celebration, smaller components like the base or individual branches may be able to be crafted into smaller mantelpieces, centerpieces, or door frame decorations.

Before hastily disassembling your artificial tree and throwing it away, there are many sustainable options you should consider before tossing it to the curb!

Dispose of your artificial Christmas tree responsibly.

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Cleaning Up After Christmas Might Not Require a Dumpster

You’ve had a big holiday house party with your family, neighbors, friends, and more. Now what? There are holiday decorations in the doorways, on the tables, and all about your living space. There are plates and dishes scattered on your counters, leaving the dining room and kitchen looking cluttered and chaotic. While your first instinct may be to grab a big black trash bag and scoop it all inside, there may be other options before throwing it all away.

First, while the large messes left by the whirlwind of people coming and going may be overwhelming, it’s best to attack one space at a time. Take the time in each room to separate trash from recycling, and pull out what is reusable for the next year. Trying to clean each room at the same time will leave you exhausted and feeling pulled in a hundred different directions. Make a list of things you need to do in each room to help you stay focused; this will also help fight the need to simply dump everything in a trash bag and move on.

Second, once you’ve avoided the urge to throw everything away, recognize what is able to be reused. All plastic dishware should be put in the sink for washing, and most Christmas decorations can be put in a box and in storage for next season. Not only is this a more sustainable route to take while cleaning up, it will also save you the need to go out and buy new supplies for the next year. If you find yourself having to dispose of a lot of your holiday material this year, consider looking for more reusable decor for the future!

Lastly, make sure you have a designated place for each item. Knowing where each decoration or utensil item will go as you begin to clean up will streamline your tidying process and eliminate the need for a trash bag completely! If you are done with certain decorations after a year, have a designated place for donation items. Taking these things to be reused and repurposed will decrease the amount of trash you produce and give your items a new home for the next year.

So, before pulling out your big trash bag determined to get the cleaning done as fast as possible, take the time to limit your waste and stay organized for the holiday seasons to come.

Cleaning up After Christmas doesn’t have to bring out your inner Grinch

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Properly Dispose of Your Real Christmas Tree This January

The Christmas season is winding down, and it’s time for the annual “what do we do with the Christmas tree?” discussion. While you could throw it to the curb to be collected, there are several more sustainable options for you to consider.

The first option is to take it to a composting site. Check with your local composting sites to confirm if they accommodate Christmas trees, and if they do, drive it there to be properly disposed of! Composting centers will know how to most efficiently break down the wood and its parts, rather than a dumpster site that will likely just pile it amongst the other holiday waste produced. Composting will also turn the tree into nutritious soil for other planting endeavors.

Secondly, you could turn it into wood chips for sustainable landscaping. This does require extra equipment, but if you are in need of more mulch for your front yard, look no farther than your tree. The wood chips made from your Christmas tree will also naturally break down in your yard, enriching the soil with the nutrients it contains. If you have a wood chipper available, consider this option as an eco-friendly way to reuse your tree year round.

Another option is to peplant it if it still has the roots. Most Christmas trees are sold pre-cut or in a way that lets you cut it yourself, but in the case that it was sold to you with the roots still attached, there are ways to replant it. Confer with a botanist or plant nursery on the best way to do this, or if there is a place that replants trees.

Lastly, an option you have is to take off the branches and make a wood pile, both as a habitat for animals and insects and for firewood. The dry needles and branches will be quick and easy firewood for your or your neighbors. Creating a pile will also create a small living area for small animals such as chipmunks, and insects and arachnids like beetles and spiders.

All in all, consider alternative options to simply throwing away your real Christmas tree at the end of the holiday season. Though this is only the start of a long list of ways to sustainably dispose of your tree, it is a great starting point as you clean up for the New Year!


This is improper Christmas tree disposal

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Dumpster Near Me

So you Googled “dumpsters” and you got a bunch of 1-800 numbers with locations all around the country.

Well, that’s not helpful. When you need a dumpster, you need one that is near you.

And that means, if you are in southwest Ohio, you need to know that there is a Big Daddy Dumpster near you. We are southwest Ohio’s premier dumpster rental company. And sure, we have to compete against national brands with massive ad campaign spends that show up nationally. But our goal is to bring reputable, fast, and affordable dumpster service to your neighborhood.

Dumpsters in Dayton

“But what if I need a dumpster in Dayton?” you ask. We can do that. Our hometown is a stone’s throw from Dayton, so a delivery there is a simple and common matter.

We regularly rent to Dayton suburbs too. So if you live in Beavercreek, Huber Heights, Yellow Springs, Oakwood, Troy, or Five Points, or anyplace in between, Big Daddy dumpster is near you.

Dumpsters in Cincinnati

And what if your project is in Cincinnati? We can do that too. We are southwest Ohio’s local dumpster rental service. Our experienced drivers will deliver your dumpster to your location in Cincinnati or its northern suburbs.

Big Daddy Dumpster has satisfied customers all over this part of Ohio, including people who live in Madeira, Indian Hill, Terrace Park, Mason, Montgomery, Blue Ash and people working on reconstruction or demolition projects in Westwood and Sayler Park.

Dumpsters in Columbus

And what if your project is in Columbus? Good news. We have been serving the Columbus area for years.

We have had satisfied clients including homeowners and contractors from places including the Columbus Metro area, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Gahanna and Powell.

Chances are, if you are in a metro or rural area in southwest Ohio, we have delivered a dumpster (or two) to a project near you.

So whether you are doing some jackhammering in Jeffersonville, building a new washhouse in Wilmington, or just building a new laundry room in Loveland, remind yourself that “Big Daddy Dumpsters is the local dumpster near me.”

Call our helpful staff today to discuss your plans and the debris or trash that you need to haul away from your project.

Cut Through The Dumpster Clutter

Use this handy guide to determine the dumpster you need

1. Examine the work you need to do

Before you even pick up the phone, look closely at the work you need to do. Remind yourself of this important rule: a broken thing generally takes up more space in a trash can or dumpster than it would take up if you simply folded or collapsed it.

2. Clarify what size dumpster you need.

As you envision the amount of debris your project will generate, remember too that the dumpster is not only for demolition. It can be handy for construction too. Where will you place the wrapping for your supplies and leftover or waste materials? Think about how you might rent just one dumpster for the life of your project, and get it all taken away at once.

Review the 10 cubic yard, 15 cubic yard, and 20 cubic yard options at the Big Daddy Dumpsters dumpster sizing page to get a better picture of what you will need.

3. (If applicable) determine how many dumpsters it will take to haul away the whole job

Most home projects can be completed with only one dumpster. Professional contractors working on larger projects, however, will want to consider how much debris and waste their project will throw off in a given period of time. These contractors will want to consider how frequently they will trade a full dumpster for an empty one and work that into their order.

4. Review your project budget and determine haul-away allowances

One line of your budget for a large project should be dedicated to waste disposal. While many people live in a municipality with some waste provisions, many projects generate more than their neighborhood trash company will haul away at once. And no one wants to store their old waste on their property, ruining the visual effect of completing the project!

5. Call Big Daddy Dumpster


Once you have taken all of the steps above, you now have the answers you need to have an informed conversation with your Big Daddy Dumpster representative. Call them today with the parameters of your project: dates, dumpster size required, number of dumpsters needed, and then ask any other questions you have.

Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be glad to assist you today!

Dumpster Near Me. Determine your dumpster budget, then call Big Daddy Dumpster.

Christmas Time is a Great Time to Rent a Dumpster

When we think of Christmas we picture a warm hearth, family gathered together, and snow tufted up on our lawns and streets. Our family is nestled on a couch, watching TV, telling stories, and opening gifts.

Like those gifts, some of our families can be small, and some of them can be quite large. This means that your clean-up needs can vary.

If your Christmas gift to a loved one this year includes a remodel, renovation, or a large surprise for your family, you might consider renting a dumpster for Christmas or, more accurately, for your post-Christmas clean up.

What can go in your Christmas dumpster?

There are lots of things that can go in your Christmas dumpster.

First, if your new gift involves removing old or outmoded electronics, like a TV or a bar in the basement TV room, almost everything from that work can go in there.

  • The old TV (though you can investigate how to recycle or resell it)
  • Wood planks and pressboard
  • Your old refrigerator
  • Drywall
  • Lathe (if your old house still has it)
  • Broken or decrepit concrete

Or. more traditionally, you can use it to collect yours and your neighbors’ christmas trees when the season ends. Many homeowner associations don’t allow these to be dumped on the tree lawn, and some trash contractors won’t pick them up.

One homeowner recently used the event of a Thanksgiving trip away from home to renovate the stairs in front of the house. A Big Daddy Dumpster is the perfect solution for allowing the workers to haul away the junked concrete, supporting boards, old railing, and other trash generated from the work.

If you are using the occasion of holiday travel to get invasive work done, like stairs, or a bathroom or kitchen, a large dumpster can take the guesswork out of cleanup.

One phone call makes cleaning up and hauling away debris simple for your crew, and allows you to come home to a finished project.

Best yet, there are fewer headaches along the way, because our experienced Big Daddy Dumpster crew can manage all of the details for you. Not sure when you need it delivered, or where you want it to go? Unsure of how to schedule the pick up or the dumpster?

Let Big Daddy Dumpster handle the details by working directly with your contractor.

Does the Infrastructure Deal Mean You Need a Dumpster? Probably.

The last time an infrastructure deal was passed in Washington D.C., it was 2009, and America was pulling itself out of the second deepest economic recession in its history.

That boost in spending, later aided by massive expansion from the medical industry spurred on by the Affordable Care Act, created a lot of growth in the building sector. Entire companies were built and fortunes made simply completing contracts that came from those two bills.

But the last of those bills became law in 2010. Many years have passed since then. Congress has named a few post offices, sure, but spent the last few years closing them rather than opening them. Every Presidential candidate has promised an infrastructure bill since then. We know we need the growth that can be spurred on by the investment of federal dollars.

Is this the year?

President Biden sailed into office with the same promises as his predecessor: he would pass a massive infrastructure bill. The same party in Congress fully supported it, and the other needed to be persuaded. Could Joe Biden be the one to do it?

You need a dumpster

As promised, President Biden got 60 votes for his infrastructure bill.

So what is getting built? Here’s a quick break down of the construction projects that are included in the bill that has enough votes to pass the Senate and the House:

  • Roads and highways
  • Bridges and overpasses
  • Drinking water infrastructure
  • Waste water infrastructure
  • Broad band internet
  • Rail projects
  • Mass transit projects
  • Clean energy projects

This means that American companies might be working at full capacity for years to complete these projects. So yes, you will need a dumpster.

Whatever way your company builds, grows, designs, paints, or demolishes America’s infrastructure, you are about to get busy. So you need a dumpster company that can keep up with you.

Whether you need a quick turnaround for a speedy demolition, or a long drop-off for a laborious and painstaking removal project, Big Daddy Dumpsters has the right dumpster for you, and the right staff to help you get it where you need it, when you need it.

Call one of our friendly operators today to discuss your project needs.


Photo by Mathias P.R. Reding from Pexels

Budget Dumpster Rental Ohio

If you are looking for a budget dumpster rental in Ohio, look no further than Big Daddy Dumpster. Based in Carlisle, which is in southwest Ohio, Big Daddy Dumpsters has clients in the Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus Metro areas, and all the areas in between.

Big Daddy Dumpsters offers affordable dumpsters for your projects. Whether you were working at home or looking for a dumpster for your company, you are likely to find what you need at Big Daddy Dumpsters.

And at an affordable price.

Just check out the features that helped make us one of southwest Ohio’s best budget dumpster rental companies:

  • Multiple sizes of dumpsters to fit your project need
  • We deliver on your schedule
  • We pick up on your schedule
  • Our friendly staff can help you plan for your dumpster needs

Check out our budget dumpster sizes

We offer three different sizes of dumpsters to match the size of your project. 10, 15, and 20 cubic yard. And if you are making a massive mess, like cleaning out a Hoarder’s home, we can even bring more than one dumpster, or dump and return with a refreshed dumpster.

Mix and match dumpster sizes so that you get exactly what you need, and don’t pay for a single cubic yard more than you need.

Check out our delivery schedules

Big Daddy Dumpsters can schedule budget dumpster delivery to your location during regular business hours. We can even – by arrangement – drop dumpsters at other times depending on the needs of your project.

Our drivers can place the dumpster where it is on private property and out of the right of way, so you don’t risk getting a ticket or a call from the homeowner’s association.

And we can schedule your prick-up with precision. Don;t let your dumpster hang around a day longer than it needs to because of scheduling problems. Get it full, then get it gone with Big Daddy Dumpsters.

Check out our friendly staff

Our friendly and expert staff have been helping remove southwest Ohio’s trash on a budget for years. We know the problems that dumpster renters can have, and we work to eliminate them. Talk to experienced folks who can answer your question.

Call us even if you aren’t sure if a budget dumpster is right for you and your project. You might miss out on a chance to make the project go more smoothly than you ever imagined. But a phone call can change that.

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Why Trash Pandas Hate Big Daddy Dumpsters

Recently our office was been getting a lot of complaints that were hard for us to understand. Literally hard to understand. The messages were a series of squeaks and growls. They were sometimes very short, and other times they filled our entire answering machine queue.

After weeks of this, we knew we had to get to the bottom of the phenomenon, so we took a tape to a local animal expert at the Cincinnati Zoo.

As she reviewed the tape, she created a list of possible suspects, and had it narrowed down to three or four finalists. Finally she asked, “What does your company do again?”

When we explained that we provided the area’s strongest and most reliable dumpsters for residential or industrial purposes, she nodded knowingly.

“You have yourself some angry raccoons.”

Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash

Raccoons are trash pandas

Typically raccoons don’t care much about what you call them. Some people call them trash bandits because of the markings on their faces that make them look like they have tied a mask over their eyes.

Other people just call them vermin, because they can congregate around people and even thrive living off our waste products. These people assert that the movie “Over the Hedge” is a documentary, and that it accurately portrays the fact that it is nearly impossible to defeat a raccoon’s effort to get into your trash.

It was certainly a loving fan of raccoons that first called them “trash pandas.” For unlike other trash-eating animals like possums and rats, the markings and long fur on raccoons makes them appear cuddly and approachable, and in many ways like a small panda.

But why were the trash pandas pranking our office?


Of course, even though the specialist we contacted was able to identify the sounds as coming from raccoons, no one actually “speaks” raccoonese. Not even at the zoo.

We thought we would be left to speculate until recently Big Daddy Dumpsters actually hired a raccoon to appear in our ads. After a long day of shooting … err, he prefers if we say filming … our commercials, he opened up at the charcuterie table.

“Have you ever tried climbing into a Big Daddy Dumpster?” He didn’t wait for an answer before he continued. “Imagine if you were less than a foot tall. It’s impossible. You can’t eat like that. You can’t LIVE like that.”

So there you have it, raccoons hate Big Daddy Dumpsters because they are critter-proof.


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