A Normal Day Working as a Dumpster Delivery Driver

If you’re considering a career as a dumpster rental delivery driver, you may be wondering what a typical day on the job looks like. While every day may be a little different, here’s a general idea of what you can expect as a dumpster rental delivery driver.

Starting the Day

Most dumpster rental companies start their day early in the morning, typically around 7 or 8 am. Drivers will arrive at the company’s facility and meet with their team to go over the day’s schedule and any special instructions for each job. They will then load their trucks with the necessary equipment, including dumpsters, straps, and tarps.

Making Deliveries

Once the trucks are loaded up, drivers will hit the road to start making their deliveries. Depending on the size of the dumpster rental company and the number of drivers, they may have several deliveries scheduled throughout the day. Drivers will need to navigate city streets and parking lots to get the dumpster to the customer’s location safely.

The delivery process itself typically involves backing up the truck as close as possible to the customer’s location. The driver will then use hydraulic controls to lower the dumpster onto the ground, making sure it is level and stable. They may need to adjust the position of the dumpster a few times to get it just right.

Picking Up Dumpsters

In addition to delivering dumpsters, drivers will also need to pick them up once they are full or the rental period has ended. This process is similar to the delivery process, but in reverse. The driver will back the truck up to the dumpster, attach it to the truck using straps, and then lift it back onto the truck with the hydraulic controls.

Disposing of Waste

Once the dumpster is back at the rental company’s facility, the waste inside will need to be disposed of properly. Depending on the type of waste, it may need to be sorted and taken to different disposal sites. For example, hazardous materials will need to be taken to a specialized facility for disposal.

Wrapping Up the Day

At the end of the day, drivers will return to the rental company’s facility to unload any equipment that was not used and fill out any necessary paperwork. They may also need to fuel up their trucks and perform routine maintenance to ensure they are ready for the next day.

Being a dumpster rental delivery driver can be a physically demanding job, but it can also be rewarding to help people with their waste removal needs. If you enjoy working outdoors and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this could be a great career path for you.