Tips to Keep Scrappers from Dumpster Diving

One common concern we hear from Big Daddy Dumpster clients involves the practice of dumpster diving. Specifically, our clients ask for tips to deal with scrappers who might seek to pull choice pieces of metal from their dumpster, typically during the night.

This can be a problem because dumpster diving presents a liability for the property owner If someone gets hurt and they were not actively prevented from entering the location.

Here are a few ways to prevent this practice and make sure that everyone stays safe and accident free during your next rental.

Fence it

Good fences make good neighbors, we have been told. This is true for dumpster divers as well. Erecting a barrier like a chain link fence can help draw a clear line around your dumpster. At least it might discourage them from exploring your dumpster, forcing them to move on to a less secure target.

Sign it

If you don’t have the budget to put up a chain link fence around your rented dumpster, there is a less expensive option. Signs can make clear something that should be obvious – climbing into a dumpster is dangerous and unlawful. It is trespassing. Make sure signs are clear and visible.

Hide it

Of course, no one wants to steal what they can’t see. Another simple solution is to hide the items that might be attractive to dumpster divers. Make sure that at the end of the day your trash and unattractive waste is on top of the other items. This way potential thieves won’t know anything is there, or they might suspect it is there but not want to go through the hassle to check.

Save it

Some savvy contractors, especially ones with lots of space, can prevent the problem entirely. Simply save the attractive scrap until dumpster removal day. Then haul it all out that morning. Under your watchful eyes, the scrap will get to its intended destination.

Make peace not war

A final solution is to simply make peace with the scrappers. Instead of playing games and working harder to prevent scrap from getting to the scrapyard, and keeping money out of enterprising pockets, why not make peace? Simply set the scrap next to the dumpster in a place where it is not an attraction to children, but where scrappers can easily access it and haul it away. Less to lift. Less to haul away.

Photo by Lisa Fotios: