Build A Shed This Summer

Your home and your yard require a large number of tools and supplies to keep in normal working order. Tools, supplies, seeds, mowers, and blowers … the list is long. After a while they outgrow your basement or your garage and need to occupy their own special, dedicated space at your home.

You need a shed.

And while there are a wide range of prefabricated sheds available at local hardware and feed stores, you can build a shed this summer by following these steps.

Measure and make space for your new shed

First, examine your storage needs and map it out. How much floor space do you need? Think about your wall space, and remember that you lose room at the corners. You also need space around each tool so you can grab it or take it off the wall.

Once you have measured, look at your yard and make space for your future shed. Do you need to take down some shrubs? Cut into your existing garage? Remove the old shed? Either way, out with the old, and in with the new! This might be the excuse you needed to rent a dumpster!

Choose a style and download a plan

Sheds come in a variety of styles. Are you looking for a lean-to, the most common and simplest structure? Perhaps you prefer a carefully crafted look, and want to build a model barn?

Or will you get really adventurous and make a mini-model of your home?

Whichever it is, there is definitely a plan for it online. These online plans are often downloadable and printable. Some are free, and others come with more detailed print plans for a small cost.

Buy the materials and build or assemble your shed

Following the plan you’ve purchased and downloaded, head to the local lumber company. Use the supplies list as a buying guide, and make sure you come home with everything you need.

And the hardest part requires the fewest words: build it.

Though it may take an afternoon or two, your new shed will free up space in your garage or basement, make it easier to do yardwork, and be an attractive conversation piece for years to come.

Photo by Pixabay