How Do I Know It’s Time to Remodel My Bathroom?

With the possible exception of your kitchen, your bathroom is the most abused room in your house.


Think about what happens in there. Really think about it.


The bathroom endures periods of intense heat and humidity. It is alternately the dirtiest and cleanest place in the whole house. You use harsh chemicals for almost constant cleaning. Spitting, rinsing, brushing, applying and taking off various products to yourself and your fixtures.


No room knows you as well as your bathroom.


So you know when it is time to remodel.


But what should you replace? And what can you just change?



Are fixtures in the right place?


Answering this question is the key to the size and scope of your bathroom plans. If your fixtures are essentially where you’d like them to be, then your remodel should be relatively simple.


But if you were thinking you’d always like to have the sink in a different place, it is a whole new ballgame.


Well there are many bathroom repairs you can achieve on your own, one that involves moving plumbing and electricity is likely not one of them. Hire a remodeler.



Are your fixtures old or ugly?


Good news. Replacing the sink, faucets, and even your toilet are do-it-yourself projects for the moderately experienced home owner. These can be heavy jobs, and at key points will require help.


This help will include getting the items into the right place, and disposing of the old fixtures at the curb or in a rented dumpster.


This work is always complicated by the age of the existing work. If your sink or bathtub faucets were replaced or repaired recently, you might find flexible water pipes, which are easy to maneuver and re-attach.


If not, your work will be harder, but still in the “moderate” range.


Even replacing a shower head can take an afternoon and change how you feel about your bathroom in the years ahead.


Wallpaper or paint?


Because of the constant changes in temperature and humidity wallpaper is generally a bad choice for the bathroom. While there are some wallpapers specifically made to handle this sort of abuse, the number of corners, narrow spaces, and limited room to work seem will discourage all but the heartiest wallpaper hangers.


Most homeowners and remodelers prefer to paint a bathroom. Easy-to-apply and waterproof, a high quality semi-gloss paint will provide the mix of economy and durability that most owners will value.


Sometimes a new coat of paint is really all that your bathroom needs to feel new and welcoming again.



Cabinetry and hooks


Years of abuse can take their toll on your mirror, cabinets, and hooks.


Some of the simplest repairs in the restroom might be selecting beautiful designer hooks. The range of options these days is almost endless, as you can see here at, and your bathroom can have a style and flair that adds whimsy and a sense of style to every day.



What do you think? Where will you start your bathroom makeover?

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